After investigating for 15 days, need to get the better blogging platform for our client who wins lastly? Guess guys!

Professionally TypePad, due to the client demand because they are not willing to spend money creating new infrastructure like setting up Apache/MySQL for WordPress on their environment.

TypePad doesn’t need all that, they host on their own, and you just need to map your domain in the last to give the pointing URL, sounds better.

There is another Six Apart product called MovableType, based on the same technology, you can configure it on your own server but comparing WordPress its bit tricky to install and relatively larger file size (4MB), MovableType is good for web developers who knows XHTML/CSS etc, MovableType supports plugins too as does WordPress. Anyway TypePad is far better then MovableType due to ease in configuration and their built in support system


Let’s come to the point now, it’s been a month or so using TypePad to me, getting lot more things day by day, might not be aware all the features of TypePad but done quit a good research so far.


  • Mobile phone support, can blog from your mobile
  • Offers a comprehensive list of widgets and you can create your own too
  • Multi user support in TypePad Pro, depends upon your need, it costs a good amount when you need multiple administrator for single blog
  • Good for commercial blogging because of cost factor.

TypePad has got some flaws too like blog backup management, it’s not really up to the mark, and it doesn’t have any automatic backup plan though they have given some instruction to do it up to the certain level.

You can’t customize your template 100%, there are restrictions at times, and they should spend some more time to improve it, if you don’t care about look then go for TypePad.


One of the best free blogging software I have ever seen, it’s usable, easy to learn, waste community of users, tons of plugins support and many more things.

WordPress really doesn’t need much while setting it up first time, due to their comprehensive documentation a support.


  • It’s all free
  • you can use it your own domain
  • Cool plugins management
  • Dozens of gorgeous themes
  • No mess up in the code when you add sidebar widgets
  • Support privacy options and even doesn’t indexed it for SEO, if you have private blog
  • Performance is far better then any other blogging tool, which I like most

There are numbers of features which we can talk about, truly mind blowing open source software, which is indeed liked by most of the bloggers.

There is an excellent blogs comparison chart available at:

For new bies, it’s a good start to learn blogging jargon

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