Google Chrome: the Google Browser

Google announced today that they will release their own browser tomorrow, code named Google Chrome. Beta version will be launched tomorrow morning only, initially available only for Windows.

Google Chrome is open source and based on WebKit, which is the same engine used by Safari and Adobe AIR. This is really good news because just the thought of yet another browser with different JavaScript and CSS engines to test every site and web app is really unpleasant.


  • An address bar with auto-completion features called “omnibox.”
  • The V8 JavaScript virtual machine, advertised as significantly faster than existing JavaScript engine implementations.
  • A privacy mode, called “Incognito”.
  • Web applications can be launched in their own browser window without an address bar and toolbar.
  • Chrome includes an automatically updated phishing and malware blacklist using the Google Safe Browsing API.
  • Uses the WebKit Rendering Engine.
  • Puts individual tabs and plug-ins into separate processes, for security and accountability.
  • Integration of Gears.

Take out a look on the official Google Blog at

Get the Google Chrome Comic Book.

Will keep posting you more findings about Chrome.

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